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Goldwell Silver

Discover the pinnacle of hair brilliance with Goldwell Dualsenses Silver range. Specially formulated for grey and cool blonde hair, this range offers the ultimate solution for neutralizing unwanted yellow tones while enhancing cool effects. Embrace the next generation of color luminosity with products designed to bring out the best in your hair's natural or dyed cool shades.

Goldwell Silver Shampoo

Goldwell's Silver Shampoo stands as the cornerstone of the Silver collection, expertly crafted to neutralize yellow tones and amplify cool effects in grey and blonde hair. Thanks to its gentle formulation, including the innovative Fade Stop Formula, it minimizes color fading with each wash, ensuring your hair maintains its vibrant, cool hue with unmatched brilliance.

Elevate your hair care routine with Goldwell Dualsenses Silver. Whether you're looking to maintain the perfect grey or achieve that cool blonde shade, this range delivers instant results while providing built-in color protection. Experience professional-grade care and unveil instantly beautiful hair with an enchanting cool luster.

    Frequently asked questions(3)

    Is Goldwell Good for Blonde Hair?

    Yes, Goldwell is highly regarded for its effectiveness in enhancing and maintaining the health and vibrancy of blonde hair, including the Silver collection designed specifically for neutralizing yellow tones.

    How to Use Goldwell Silver Shampoo

    Apply Goldwell Silver shampoo to wet hair, lather, and leave on for a few minutes to allow the purple pigments to neutralize yellow tones, then rinse thoroughly.

    Where to Buy Goldwell Silver Shampoo

    Goldwell Silver can be purchased via authorised online retailers such as Oz Hair And Beauty.