Discover the vibrant world of color care with our Goldwell Dualsenses Color collection. Specially designed for color-treated and non-color-treated hair, this range offers luminous color brilliance and protection for fine to medium hair types. Keep your salon color vibrant and your hair health at its peak with our meticulously curated products.


Goldwell Color Shampoo

The Goldwell Color Brilliance Shampoo instantly enhances the luminosity of colored as well as non-colored hair. Its gentle formula, equipped with the unique Fade Stop Formula, minimizes color fading with each use, ensuring your hair stays as vibrant as the day it was dyed.


Goldwell Color Conditioner

Follow up your shampoo routine with the Goldwell Color Brilliance Conditioner for instant detangling and enhanced color luminosity. It’s designed for both colored and non-colored hair, ensuring your locks remain smooth, manageable, and radiantly beautiful.


Goldwell Color 60 Second Treatment

Experience deep regeneration of your hair in just 60 seconds with the Goldwell Color 60 Second Treatment. This intensive care treatment amplifies natural color luminosity while providing nourishing benefits, instantly regenerating hair up to 100%.


Goldwell Color Brilliance Serum

For those in search of weightless conditioning and a new gleam for their colored or non-colored hair, the Goldwell Color Brilliance Serum Spray is the answer. It offers instant conditioning, with heat protection, ensuring your hair remains protected, luminous, and soft.


Complete your hair care routine with Goldwell Dualsenses Color products from Oz Hair and Beauty to ensure long-lasting color brilliance and health. Whether you're looking to protect, enhance, or rejuvenate your color-treated hair, our collection has everything you need for salon-quality results at home. Explore the range and find your new hair care favorites today.

    Frequently asked questions(4)

    Is Goldwell Color Good?

    Yes, Goldwell Color products are well-regarded for their effectiveness in achieving vibrant, long-lasting color results while being gentle on the hair.

    Is Goldwell Hair Color-Safe?

    Yes, Goldwell hair color products are formulated to be safe for colored hair, minimizing damage and maximizing color retention.

    Is Goldwell Color Brilliance Vegan?

    The vegan status of Goldwell Color Brilliance products is not specified universally. It's best to check the ingredients of individual products for vegan certification.