Curls & Waves

Embrace your curls and waves with the Goldwell Dualsenses Curls & Waves collection. Specifically designed to hydrate and define for weightless bounce and elasticity, this range is your go-to for maintaining beautiful, lively curls and waves. Dive into our curated selection and find the perfect match for your curly and wavy hair needs.


Goldwell Curls & Waves Shampoo

The Hydrating Shampoo from the Curls & Waves collection instantly cleanses and hydrates your hair without drying it out. It ensures your curls and waves are defined and possess a weightless bounce while minimizing color fading.


Goldwell Curls & Waves Conditioner

Following the shampoo, the Hydrating Conditioner instantly hydrates, detangles, and softens your hair without adding unnecessary weight, leaving your curls and waves perfectly conditioned and ready to dazzle.


Goldwell Curls & Waves Hydrating Serum

For an extra boost of hydration and strength, the Hydrating Serum Spray is a must-have. It instantly strengthens the hair fiber and reactivates limp curls and waves, effectively bundling them and controlling frizz. Plus, it offers heat protection to keep your hair healthy and resilient.

The Goldwell Dualsenses Curls & Waves collection is all about bringing out the best in your curls and waves, with products expertly formulated to enhance elasticity and hydration. Discover the entire range at Oz Hair and Beauty and transform your curly or wavy hair routine with these specially designed products. Explore more about this collection and how it can elevate your hair game

    Frequently asked questions(4)

    Is Goldwell Good for Curly Hair?

    Yes, Goldwell's Curls & Waves collection is formulated specifically to enhance and define curly and wavy hair, providing hydration and improving elasticity.

    Is Goldwell Curls & Waves Vegan?

    The vegan status of Goldwell Curls & Waves products varies. It's advisable to check the ingredients list on each product for confirmation.

    Is Goldwell Curls & Waves Sulfate-Free?

    Some products within the Goldwell Curls & Waves line may be sulfate-free, but you should verify this by examining the labels on specific items.