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Bond Pro

Discover the transformative power of Goldwell Dualsenses Bond Pro for weak and fragile hair. Designed to offer instant strength and resilience, this lineup caters to all hair types, providing essential care that minimizes breakage and enhances hair structure.


Goldwell Bond Pro Shampoo

Elevate your hair care routine with Goldwell Bond Pro Fortifying Shampoo. This advanced formula offers immediate care and structure to your hair while minimizing color fading. Suitable for both in-salon and at-home use, it's your first step towards stronger, more vibrant locks.


Goldwell Bond Pro Conditioner

Transform your hair with Goldwell Bond Pro Fortifying Conditioner. Engineered for instantly stronger hair, this conditioner visibly reduces breakage. Whether you're seeking salon-quality care at home or professional use, achieve resilient, healthy-looking hair with every wash.


Goldwell Bond Pro Repair & Structure Spray

Introducing the Goldwell Bond Pro Repair & Structure Spray - your solution for long-lasting cuticle protection. Enhance resilience and structure while prepping your hair for styling. This innovative spray also offers heat protection, making it a versatile addition to your hair care arsenal.


Goldwell Bond Pro Day & Night Bond Booster

Maximize hair resilience with Goldwell Bond Pro Day & Night Bond Booster. Designed to work deep within the bond-protein network, this booster significantly reduces breakage and split ends, offering up to 10x more resilience for stronger, healthier hair around the clock.


Goldwell Bond Pro 60-Second Treatment

Revitalize your hair in just 60 seconds with Goldwell Bond Pro 60Sec Treatment. This powerful treatment strengthens the hair fiber by up to 100%, preventing breakage without weighing down your hair. Experience the luxury of deeply nourished hair in just a minute.


Goldwell Dualsenses Bond Pro offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing hair strength and resilience. From the fortifying shampoo to the innovative day and night booster, each product is designed to transform weak, fragile hair into a picture of health. Explore the Bond Pro range at Oz Hair and Beauty and unlock the secret to stronger, more resilient locks.

    Frequently asked questions(4)

    How to Use Goldwell Bond Pro?

    For using Goldwell Bond Pro, apply the Fortifying Shampoo to wet hair, lather, and rinse thoroughly. Follow with the Fortifying Conditioner or the Fortifying Mask for deeper conditioning. Use the 60sec Treatment weekly for enhanced repair.

    Is Goldwell Bond Pro Sulfate-Free?

    Yes, Goldwell Bond Pro products are sulfate-free, making them gentle on the hair and suitable for maintaining hair health and color integrity.

    Is Goldwell Rich Repair Vegan?

    The vegan status of Goldwell Rich Repair varies by product. It’s advisable to check individual product ingredients to confirm their vegan status.