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Gentle Clean

Introducing the ELEVEN Gentle Clean range, specially curated to provide a soothing and balancing experience for sensitive scalps. Embrace gentle care without compromising on effectiveness, ensuring a harmonious and nourishing haircare routine.

ELEVEN Gentle Clean Shampoo:

Experience the calming touch of the ELEVEN Gentle Clean Shampoo. Formulated for sensitive scalps, the ELEVEN Australia Gentle Clean Balancing Shampoo cleanses without irritation, leaving your hair and scalp refreshed. Check out ELEVEN Gentle Clean Shampoo reviews to see how this product has positively impacted scalp care.

ELEVEN Australia Gentle Cleanse Shampoo Bar:

Embrace sustainability with the ELEVEN Australia Gentle Cleanse Shampoo Bar. This eco-friendly option provides a gentle cleanse for sensitive scalps in a convenient and plastic-free form.

ELEVEN Australia Gentle Hydrate Conditioner Bar:

Extend your gentle care routine with the ELEVEN Australia Gentle Hydrate Conditioner Bar. This conditioner bar is specially designed to hydrate and soothe the scalp while promoting silky, smooth hair.

Why Choose ELEVEN Gentle Clean?

  • Soothing Formulas: The Gentle Clean collection is crafted with soothing ingredients to provide relief to sensitive scalps.

  • Balanced Cleansing: Enjoy the benefits of balanced cleansing with the Gentle Clean Shampoo and Balancing Shampoo, ensuring a clean and refreshed scalp without harshness.

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Choose the Gentle Cleanse Shampoo Bar and Gentle Hydrate Conditioner Bar for sustainable alternatives that contribute to a healthier planet.

Care for Your Scalp, Choose ELEVEN Gentle Clean!


Discover the perfect ELEVEN hair products for you at Oz Hair and Beauty and embrace the gentle care your scalp deserves.

    Frequently asked questions(3)

    Who Sells ELEVEN Hair Products?

    ELEVEN Hair Products, including the Gentle Clean collection, are available through authorized online retailers, such as Oz Hair And Beauty.

    Are ELEVEN Hair Products Sulfate-Free?

    ELEVEN Australia offers a range of sulfate-free hair products. The brand is committed to creating formulations that prioritize hair health, and many of their products are sulfate-free. To confirm if a specific product from the Gentle Clean range is sulfate-free, check the product label or description for detailed ingredient information.

    Is ELEVEN Hair Care Good?

    ELEVEN Hair Care is well-regarded for its quality formulations and commitment to delivering effective, salon-quality products. The brand has gained a positive reputation among users for providing solutions that cater to diverse hair needs. Customer reviews and testimonials often highlight the efficacy and satisfaction with ELEVEN hair care products.