Shorter hairstyles shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to hair care, make sure your hair is getting the best treatment available with the Dax range, available at competitive prices from Oz Hair & Beauty!

Crafted with vibrant packaging and available in a balm format these androgynous hair balms are made specifically for shorter hair. Each hair dress is incredibly well crafted and has a unique purpose. For example, the Washable Hair Wax is crafted to be easily rinsed out of your hair, the Wave and Groom is designed to bring out your natural curl and the Hold High and Tight is crafted for more adventurous styles, ensuring they last all day long! Whatever your hair needs, this is where you go to find it!

This collection of hair care items are crafted with short hair in mind, no matter what your hair type or how you like to wear it, these hair balms are just right for you! Shop the collection now!