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18 in 1

Going out this weekend? Not sure how to make your hair the statement it deserves to be? Look no further than 18 in 1’s exclusive range of hair products.

Oz Hair & Beauty carries a wide range of hair care products including nourishing conditioners and shampoos all available in various sizes so you ensure you have value for your money and the perfect amount.  We also have toning shampoo in various shades ranging from violet to blue as well as blonde hair treatment masks available for purchase. Each bottle contains nourishing argan oil, keratin and panthenol with different scents to choose from. There are also 18 different benefits for your hair, including restoring shine, hydrating hair and colour protection as well as aiding in hair reparation and shine and much, much more.

Your hair will benefit countless ways from just one bottle of 18 in 1’s range, available from Oz Hair & Beauty right now!

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