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Top Tips To Maintain Your Hair Colour & Prevent Fading In Between Salon Visits

Picture this: You leave the salon with that fresh-af illuminating colour, your hair is blowing in the wind, heads are turning, you feel like the best version of yourself, but how can you maintain that gorgeous radiant colour in-between salon visits from home? We asked our Senior Stylist Marcia from our Oz Hair & Beauty QVB salon for her tips & tricks on prolonging your colour. 


Apply a deep treatment or conditioner  

Healthy hair is happy hair. And happy hair likes to hug and embrace your colour. It will hold onto  your colour like Jack and Rose from Titanic, well that’s before Jack let go (there was definitely more room on that door). When your hair is deeply nourished after using treatments consistently, your colour will shine and your hair will love you. When your when hair is dry or damaged, the layers lift away from the shaft, creating a rough texture. So the moral of the story is: Hydrate. That. Hair. 


Our recommended and go-to masks are:  

Shampoo Less  

As much as some of you ‘daily hair-washers' really don’t want to hear this, shampooing daily can strip hair of its natural oils and dislodge colour molecules which fade your shade. 

Stay with me on this. Try using a dry shampoo post-workout to absorb sweat, oil, and all other odors 😬. This will increase your colour-lifeline, and will give you more texture and volume too. Result.  



Choose Gentle Products  

Just like how your skin requires a little TLC, so does your hair colour. Many shampoos contain sulfates, which are heavy-duty cleansing agents that make hair super clean, but tend to remove colour molecules and moisture along with dirt. So, opt for sulfate-free products specifically made for colour-treated hair.  


Stock up on the following recommended sulfate-free shampoos:       


Stretch Your Colour  

Water, sun exposure, and repeated styling with hot tools can make hair colour fade faster. Use a pigmented treatment that revitalises your shade in-between applications. Blonde colour that gets brassy, use a blonde Shampoo/Treatment that counteracts unwanted warmth. To intensify warm shades, like reds, you can use a colour enhancing treatment that adds vibrancy, especially on the ends where colour fades the most.  See a few of our faves below; 


For our Blondes; 


For the Reds and Warmer Tones; 


And not forgetting the Brunette Babes; 


Turn Down The Heat 

Using a high temperature opens up the hair cuticle, letting colour sneak out, so, the trick is to use lukewarm water on the hair. Also try to limit the use of heat tools like blow-dryers, straighteners and curling irons. They also may dry out and damage hair, and your hair colour can’t deposit evenly on fried, broken strands! (You hearing this?!) It's a no brainer here, ALWAYS use a thermal hair protecting product onto towel-dried hair before using any tools.


Add any of these baddies to your basket below; 


The Staple We ALL need 

Saving the best till last, coming in HAWT is the mother of all colour-enhancing serums, the liquid gold, the non-negotiator, and hair staple that must live in your hair-drobe! In an instant of using the Joico Colorful Glow Beyond Anti-Fade Serum, you’ll notice a stunning vibrancy, whilst protecting your colour from fading against harsh UV rays, boosts shine, increases colour vibrancy AND reduces frizz. What more could you want? 



If you’re looking for high-quality products to keep your colour in shape, shop haircare at Oz Hair & Beauty today! And if you have any questions about how to maintain your colour, reach out to our team of experts at Oz Hair & Beauty!