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Juliette Has A Gun: The only fragrances you need

Juliette has a Gun: The only fragrances you need

Something good to come out of lockdown? The best selling fragrance brand Juliette Has A Gun is now available at Oz Hair & Beauty.  Juliette Has A Gun is all about empowering women to take stride and be their most confident selves. The brand's fragrances are deployed like different aspects of Juliette's personality; passionate, confident, androgynous, joyful and sensual. So whether you’re into summer scents, sweet musks, or fresh florals, Juliette Has A Gun has a fragrance suited for everyone. 


Meet the hero ‘Not a Perfume’

When I first heard about this product I was amused. How can a perfume be labelled ‘Not a Perfume?'  But when I looked further into it, boy was I impressed at the whole concept behind it. Juliette Has A Gun’s Not a Perfume is their cult product for a reason, it was made to be layered.



Formulated with a single element called Cetalox, the result is a minimalist, elegant and pure fragrance that you will fall in love with. This molecule based fragrance, changes on everyone by mixing with your pheromones, whilst also being the perfect base to layer with other fragrances.


I loved layering Not a Perfume with ‘Mmmm’ another best seller that has a very sensual and fruity scent.  I can honestly say that by using Not a Perfume as a base for your perfumes, it intensifies all the other fragrances that you add, so you really make the most out of your fragrances and will surely be the best smelling person around. I personally can’t stop spraying.


Want to try them all? The Discovery Kit is for you! 

Think of the discovery kit as a perfume masterclass curated just for you where you can trial all of the most popular scents. Kind of like when you go wine tasting, except no wine, and just good smelling perfumes. The kit consists of 8 samples of the brand’s best sellers, so you are guaranteed to find your dream scent/s. And of course, included in the kit is their all time iconic product, Not a Perfume, which comes in a larger size, so it makes it perfect to play around and layer the other scents with to see which combinations you love most. 


For me I loved the vanilla boost, it was so sweet and sensual and I would have not otherwise been able to try it if it wasn’t in the Discovery Kit. I absolutely will be purchasing a regular size bottle. 



Juliette Has A Gun is the perfect gift, or even just to treat yourself.  It is also a great beginners perfume to help  become involved and fall in love with niche perfumes. 


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