3 products to help you achieve 70s #hairspo

It’s been just over four decades since the 70s, and despite how long it's been, we're all still so obsessed with groovy hair. Feathered cuts, curtain bangs, bouncy blowouts, glorious afros, there’s simply no expiration on these iconic styles. So it's no wonder that everyone on our Insta fangirled the f out when we shared some throwback styles on our stories last week, with many special mentions to goddess Farrah Fawcett.


With this in mind I thought it would be fun to help y'all transport back in time to channel our inner 70s. So here's the rundown on my top 3 products that will bring you closer to attaining ultimate 70s #hairspo. 



1. OSIS Dust It

Drooling over a bouncy, effortlessly, chic blow out but struggling to keep your locks in check without them dropping throughout the day? Well Schwarzkopf's OSIS Dust It is your solution. This lightweight long lasting mattifying powder texturises the hair whilst adding incredible volume (say hello 70s).


My fav thing about the OSIS Dust It is that because it's so lightweight it doesn’t feel tacky or look dirty in your hair, unlike traditional hairsprays. Instead the OSIS has a moisturising and natural feel, while still providing an amazing hold. This means you can channel your inner Farrah Fawcett, and have your desired volume without your hair feeling weighed down. A win, win situation.




Tips for applying:

  • Pour the powder into the desired area very gently. Shake it directly into your hair. Manipulate into your ideal hair style.
  • Use the powder with a light hand in little quantities to gradually build up volume.


2. Repair Rescue Sealed Ends

We ain’t never seen no 70s hair queens with split or damaged ends. In fact having healthy, happy hair is essential in emulating any 70s do. So consider this a sign to invest in your ends with the Repair Rescue Sealed Ends. This superstar is an intensive cream-serum for hair ends that seals and prevents splitting. Suitable for daily use, this product will transform and elevate any hairstyle to look fresher, bouncier and healthier. It is also perfect to apply before using heat on your hair, as it protects your ends wth confidence.


Tips for applying:

  • Smooth a small amount in the palms of the hands and work into the ends or all over dry or damp hair.
  • Leave this baby in! No rinsing.


    3. Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Spray   

    Whether you are daydreaming over flowy feathered hair or glorious curls, a secret ingredient to master shine for all hair types is Schwarzkopf's Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Spray. For normal to dry, brittle or curly hair, this spray is an instantly hydrating, lightweight spray conditioner, perfect for nourishing your locks full of healthy shine and bounce. Made with Hyaluronic Acid Derivative the spray works to detangle locks and enhance the essential moisture level of the hair. This means any styling process will be easier to achieve fire results, as you are feeding your hair with the nutrients it needs. So pretty much, feeding your hair = shine central. 


    Tips for applying:

    • Shake well to activate.
    • Apply to mid-lengths and ends of towel-dried hair and comb through.
    • Leave in.



    Ready to teleport back to the 70s? Shop these hero Schwarzkopf products today at Oz Hair & Beauty.

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    Lara Severino on April 16, 2021