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The desert date palm is a remarkable tree found in arid areas of tropical Africa which has an exceptional ability to optimise the limited resources from its environment to use its own nutrients to stay healthy for months.

We chose the Balanites aegyptiaca L. species for its high concentration of fatty acids and proteins in its date seed kernels. We collect the dates in the Sahel region with a process that respects the environment and follows the principles of the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise

Klorane Shampoo with Desert date is for dry and damaged hair. Thanks to Desert date seed kernel extract which is traditionally recognised for its high concentration of fatty acids and protein, this shampoo works to restore and nourish the hair fibre. It gently cleanses hair while preserving the natural balance of the scalp and hair. Its creamy texture helps repairing hair and binding split-ends. Nourished and strengthened, hair is supple and resilient.

Dermatologically tested.

The Klorane Botanical Foundation

The Klorane Botanical Foundation is supporting the “Great Green Wall” against the desertification in Africa in the south of the Sahara. By planting more than 10,000 desert dates every year and by teaching others about their properties and uses, the association contributes to the sustainable development of the local economy.


• Active ingredients controlled according to Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre specifications

• Gently cleanses while preserving the natural balance of hair and scalp

• Restores and nourishes the hair fibre

• Smoothes and strengthens hair

• Repairs hair and split ends

• Silicone free

• Vegan-friendly


Klorane Shampoo with Desert Date 200ml


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