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Containing 45% of mugwort extract and ten soothing ingredients including acrylates and glycereth-26, this breathable mask is designed to restore sensitive skin to health. The gauze sheet encourages maximum absorption of the essence. For best results, place onto face and leave on for 10-20 minutes after cleansing.

Soothing essence treats various skin troubles quickly with the powerful calming effect of mugwort. Adhering sterilized gauze sheet lets the sensitive skin breathe without stuffiness.

Only contains 10 ingredients that care the skin mildly and healthily without stimulation.

Breathable comforting gauze mask for sensitive skin. Comforting soothing mask soothes sensitive skin.

Mugwort extract with an excellent skin soothing effect soothes sensitive skin fast.#Skin Soothing #Oil & Moisture balance #Moisture Care #Skin regeneration strengthening. Strong skin soothing essence: contains 45% mugwort extract to soothe skin problems fast.

Non-irritant gentle mask: 10 good ingredients necessary for sensitive skin.


                Isntree Spot Saver Mugwort Gauze Mask 23g


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