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Dramatically transform the way your skin looks and feels with this turbo-charged hydration boost from Intraceuticals.

Rejuvenate Daily Serum is a must-have skin treatment for dehydrated, dry, and mature skin. This antioxidant serum revitalises and replenishes skin whilst creating the perfect canvas for makeup application.

Enriched with high concentrations of low-weight Hyaluronic Acid, this nourishing face serum increases hydration levels and moisture retention to leave skin looking plump and bouncy.

Dry patches, dehydration fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones become a thing of the past.

This powerful serum also contains a blend of Vitamins A and E to speed up skin cell turnover and offer antioxidant protection from free radicals.


  • Deeply hydrating yet lightweight face serum.
  • Increases hydration levels and moisture-retention abilities in skin.
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.
  • Removes dry patches for a smoother and brighter complexion.
  • Speeds up skin cell turnover.
  • Protects skin from environmental aggressors.
  • Creates the perfect base for makeup.
  • Suitable for mature, dry, and dehydrated skin.


Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Daily Serum 30ml

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