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A selection of Aspect’s top hydrating product favourites for the face and body, the perfect combination to give you that luminous glow and boost your hydration levels. Perfect for all skin types.

Kit includes:

  • Illuminating Polish 220ml
  • Probiotic Mask 118ml
  • Pigment Punch Body 118ml
  • Intense Hydration Sheet Mask 25ml (1 Mask)

Aspect Illuminating Polish 220ml

No one’s keen on dull skin, and nobody wants to invite “texture” to the skincare party. Tackle uneven skin tone and texture holistically with a three-in-one exfoliant. Want to make the rest of your routine work harder? Aspect Illuminating Polish enhances the penetration of serums and moisturisers while it sloughs away dead skin cells.

Aspect Probiotic Mask 118ml

Take your beauty sleep to a whole new level with the Aspect Gold Probiotic Mask. This rich face mask is designed to comfort and soothe skin immediately while firming, moisturising and providing skin with nutrients throughout the night. This hydrating evening mask is especially good for dry and dehydrated skin types, as it will boost moisture levels in the skin, and ease uncomfortable skin.

Aspect Pigment Punch Body 118ml

While you might think back on the golden memories of a teenagehood and young adulthood spent under the blaring sun, that same golden-hue sometimes doesn’t extend to how the skin on your body thinks of those pre-SPF times! If years under a harsh sun are starting to show up as dark spots and age marks on your decolletage, arms, backs of the hand, and beyond – Aspect Pigment Punch Body tackles the concerns with the same laser focus as cosmeceutical skin care – but for the body!

Aspect Intense Hydration Sheet Mask e25ml (1x mask)

The latest addition to the Aspect family, this little baby punches far above his weight with moisture-boosting ingredients, vitamins, minerals and botanical actives that quench thirst, soothe the look of redness, plump and smooth all at once. This eco-friendly bamboo and cellulose sheet mask is soaked in a nuturing serum and adheres perfectly to the contours of your face for maximum absorption, and of course, the delivery of those delicious, juicy actives your skin craves.


Aspect Limited Edition Luxe Kit

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