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Pureology Shampoo

Are you after a shampoo that strengthens and illuminates your colour treated hair? Look no further than Pureology shampoo. Pureology hair products are the number one choice for stylists and anyone who loves their hair colour. Pureology get that colour treated hair requires a little extra love, which is why each of their shampoos are designed to care for your hair without stripping back or dulling your much loved colour!

Each Pureology shampoo is packed with sustainably-sourced, natural, plant based ingredients - making all formulas 100% vegan. Discover the benefits of seed extracts, natural aroma blends and sulfate free shampoo. All their formulas also offer the dual benefit of colour protection and whatever else your hair needs - be that moisture, strength, volume or shine. No matter your hair type, your hair concerns or your hair colour, there is a Pureology shampoo to satisfy your hair care needs.

Here at Oz Hair & Beauty, you can find the perfect Pureology shampoo for you. If you suffer from dry hair, or simply need a splash of hydration after a recent colour treatment, then the Pureology Hydrate shampoo is just for you. If you’ve gone blonde or bleached your hair for a lighter look, you’ll know all about the damage it can cause. Meet Pureology Strength Cure - the best blonde shampoo out there. It will gently reconstruct damaged, colour-treated hair and provide a soft velvety finish, while also giving you brighter blonde hair.

If you’re looking to turn up the volume on your colour treated hair, then choose Pureology Clean Volume Shampoo. The lightweight formula will lift and add fullness to limp, fine hair, while transforming your colour in the process. And for anyone with uncooperative curls, the Pureology Curl Complete Shampoo is the ideal choice. Tame your colour treated curls by invigorating your hair fibers with natural oils and lipids. 

You can find all these Pureology shampoos and conditioners to match, plus more right here in our online range. For an added benefit and more intense care, try one of Pureology’s unique hair treatments, such as the Hydrate superfood treatment. You will also find a range of styling products such as dry shampoo and shine spray that make styling and maintaining your hair health much easier.

Find the perfect Pureology shampoo at Oz Hair & Beauty today. Shop Pureology online today and save with incredible discounted prices and free shipping when you spend over $50.

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